Welcome to the Final Stand: Ragnarök Forums

We’re glad you’re joining us for the destruction of the Nine Worlds! After all, what is the point of a universe-ending apocalypse if you can’t share it with friends and family? And given how amazing of a year 2020 has been well, launching this game into First Access at the end of 2020, seems like an appropriately timed release. 🙂

Final Stand: Ragnarök is currently under an NDA

For those that are unfamiliar with the concept, an NDA is a legal and binding Non-Disclosure Agreement between you and CSE that says you will not share information about the game in its current state. What that means is that whether the information is from our forums or from the game itself, it can’t be shared outside of our forums or directly with CSE in the form of surveys or other requests for information from us. We expect that this will change in the next few months but for now, we have to prohibit that sharing. This means no screen captures, livestreaming, or even talk about the game’s development (subject to the specific limitations of the NDA itself) outside of our forums without our permission. You can read more about our existing privacy agreement and backer agreement here ( or read about it when you log into the game and agree to the EUALA.

Thus, NDA means

    No re-streaming (or streaming) content without express, written permission by CSE.

    No posting information about what you are seeing except in the appropriate CSE forum. 

    No screen-caps of the gameplay anywhere except in the permissible CSE forum.

What is a EUALA? 

A EUALA is an End User Access and License Agreement. This Agreement, along with the NDA, limits the kind of actions you can take within our game and outside of the game itself including our forums which are governed by a rather lengthy Terms of Services agreement (ToS). You must read the EUALA and ToS before playing the game! Failure to do so will not excuse you if you violate the terms of those agreements so please, please read them.

Please understand that we take our NDA and our EUALA very seriously at this point. If you decide to violate either of these agreements, we reserve the right to take action to protect our game and our studio. This could include things such as termination of your access to our game and forums, and even legal action. So, please keep this in mind.

What is the ToS?

All users of the forums must read and agree to the Terms of Service. The TOS has all the rules and information on how we like to run a safe, engaging, and friendly forum for our players. The TOS can be found here

If you fail to read the ToS and/or violate the terms of the agreement, CSE reserves the right to terminate your access to the forums

We want to be mindful of representing Final Stand: Ragnarök accurately with confirmed material when we release information to the public and we appreciate you respecting the NDA by keeping the forum information for players only.

Why are these forums for First Access players only?

Access to the forums is currently only granted through the purchase of tiers through our store. We don’t have the time nor interest to moderate a forum for folks who want to talk about our game or anything else, unless they have purchased a tier. 

We are primarily interested in feedback from our actual players on our forums – after all, you donated to help us succeed – and we want to build the game with your participation not with other folks. The forums are where we get your feedback and, at times, engage with you and other players to talk about everything from bugs to the next great thing for the game. 

We also want to be mindful of representing Final Stand: Ragnarök accurately with confirmed material when we release information to the public and we appreciate you respecting the NDA by keeping the forum information for First Access players only.

Why can’t I post a topic on…..?

There is a Terms of Service agreement that applies to the forum. The Final Stand: Ragnarök forums are only for the discussion of all things Final Stand: Ragnarök. This is outlined in our TOS.

Where do I start?

It’s tough to post knowledgeably on the forum without doing your research about Final Stand: Ragnarök!

Before posting please take the time to familiarize yourself with not only Final Stand: Ragnarök and City State Entertainment, but also with those topics previously covered in the forums. You can do a forum search to see if other discussions have taken place on your topic of interest.

The forums are a great way to join the discussion and let us know your thoughts, as well as to see what your fellow backers think! You can also visit our current active discussions, post your fan art, and play our RPG game in the fan-fiction area. There are so many choices!

How can I find posts from developers?

Click the “Dev Tracker” button in the upper left of the forum.

How do I change my display name?

Your screen name is controlled by your City State account, not the forum software. To edit your forum account screen name follow these instructions:

    1) Go to

    2) Log in with the email used in the creation of your account and current password.

    3) Click Edit Account Details

    4) Enter Your Desired Screen Name

    5) Click Save

    6) Logout and back in to see the changes

How do I create a new discussion?

To create a new discussion in a specific forum, first go into the category that relates to the topic you are discussing and click on the “Start New Topic” button, which is located on the upper right side in yellow. You will then be presented with a window in which you can: select whether this is a poll; choose your topic tags; add your subject line (what your question or comment is about); and type your comment or question into a body field.

When you are ready to submit your comment, scroll to the bottom of the form, and you can choose to click on the “Preview Post” button or directly “Submit” your post. If you choose to Preview you will now be presented with your comment in the preview state. If you are not satisfied with the way your comment appears, click on the “Edit” button, to correct anything you wish to change.

If you are satisfied with the way your message appears, click on the “Submit” button. You will be presented with a confirmation message, indicating that your message has been submitted to the forum for public viewing.

At any point during the process of composing your comment, if you change your mind about posting a comment, click on the red “Cancel” button, and your comment will not be posted. You will be taken back to where you had left off before initiating the post.

How do I post a picture?

Place your cursor where you wish to insert your picture. To insert a picture from a link, click on the icon that looks like a webcam in your message taskbar. This will give you a place to paste the location of the URL where the picture is stored.

To directly upload a picture to the post scroll to the bottom of the window and click “choose file” where you will be prompted to find the picture on your computer. Once uploaded click “attach this file” then the “add to post” button to insert it into the post.

Please note: some areas of the forum are locked to picture attachment.

How do I post a link?

To link to a web page, highlight the word you want to link and click . Paste the URL into the highlighted box and hit “OK.”

How can I private message a forum member?

If you hover your mouse over the name of the person you want to contact in a thread (or do a search for their member name on the top right of the forum under “Member”), you will see an option on the left side of the pop up for “Send Message” This message will appear in their inbox. You can access your conversations by clicking on the mail icon on the upper right section of the screen next to your username.

How do I report a post or member?

If you happen to come across a particular message in the forums that contains spam or other offensive content which violates our ToS, we encourage you to notify our moderators by clicking the report button located directly below each individual message on the right hand side. Once clicked, you will be prompted with a submission form. Simply clarify what type of offense best describes the post and click the “Submit” button. Once reported, our moderators will be notified of the message and it will be reviewed. Reported messages will not automatically remove the message.

What is the lock icon next to a thread about?

The icon next to a thread indicates that this discussion has been locked by our forum moderator or administrator and no further post or replies will be allowed. This usually occurs due to a violation of the Terms of Service or by special request of the original poster.

I have a problem or a question not answered here.

If you have questions about your account, have a forum-related issue, or just need some help, you can always message If your issue is about something that is broken and more support-related, you can also contact or post in our bugs section in the forum.

These terms and conditions of this FAQ can and will change

CSE reserves the right to change anything contained in this FAQ at any time. As a matter of fact, we also know that things will change, because they always do, so please don’t be surprised. We will inform you of a change via this FAQ. By purchasing a tier in our game you acknowledge that you accepted these terms and conditions and waive any claim arising out of the change.