Final Stand: Ragnarök (FS:R) is an action-oriented, cooperative, hack and slash PvE game that currently pits up to 8 players against tens of thousands of enemies in a given battle – with even higher player counts to come in the future . This is Ragnarök as it should be: a relentless horde of foes composed of dozens of different types, abilities, and sizes seeking to bring down the forces of Asgard and bring about the final destruction of the Nine Worlds!

We currently feature two co-op scenarios – the Tower of Vigrith and the Arena. In both, you are in a race against time to help Odin and the gods of Asgard by fighting off the hordes of Hel. You will be protecting special objectives, slaughtering thousands of undead, and accumulating rewards to modify your characters (Champions) as you do. Progress through scenarios to earn experience to unlock Champion Mods that alter how you play, from adjusted stats to entirely changed abilities.


Min Spec
OS: Windows 10 or later 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon 480
Storage: 8GB available space
DirectX: Version 11

Recommended Spec
OS: Windows 10 or later 64-bit
Processor: Intel core i7-9700k or AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Memory: 16GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 or AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT
Storage: 8GB available space
DirectX: Version 11



As the story stands, it is the end of the world as we know it…

So it’s a good thing that the All-Father, Odin, has been collecting heroes (Champions) from throughout the ages, for the sole purpose of making a final stand with the Asgardians against Sutr, Hel, and their living and undead legions. It is up to you to guide these Champions, thwart Hel’s outlandish plots for universal destruction, and lay the groundwork for the eventual rebirth of the Nine Worlds.



Champions are heroes from ages past, fables great, and worlds afar. They are pulled into the last quaking moments of Ragnarök to defend against Hel and everything she has planned to bring about – the Unmaking and then the Neverending Twilight. Champions all have their own individual stories, attacks, abilities, and powerful combos to combat these odds. It’s up to you to set the Champions on the right course and take their fighting to the next level through both in-match and out-of-match progression systems.


In this scenario, the Champions of Asgard are called to protect the innocent and must face wave upon wave of thousands of enemies, ranging from the souls of the damned to towering giants of ice and fire. Defend the Towers of Vigrith against the many foes, including Boss-level NPCs, that seek to destroy them, and dispatch the legions of Hel before they can overwhelm you. Join up to seven other Champions in this cooperative, objective-based scenario.

The ultimate trial of your skill and coordination awaits, Champion. Endure nine rounds of vicious combat against the most terrible foes Hel and her allies can bring to bear against you. These testing grounds will not go easy on you, and it is only through coordination and aggression that you will stand a chance against corpse giants, explosive spiders, volatile portals and innumerable undead. Utilize the Fire and Life towers under your control to destroy swathes of enemies or revive your fallen allies, respectively.


Go on the offensive and infiltrate one of Hel’s strongholds! Navigate deadly, trap-filled corridors, unlock your path forward by completing new unique encounters, and defeat the bosses trying to bar your escape. The Warden awaits!


For those who aren’t familiar with the Norse legend of Ragnarök, here’s a very quick rundown of what is going on:

Pain, destruction, and death, lots and lots of death, and then even more destruction followed by more death.

The Nine Worlds are under attack from the forces of Hel, and she needs to take control of all the key magical places in and around Asgard to succeed. You, as a member of the Einherjar (“those who fight alone”), must delay her as long as possible. You are outnumbered and overwhelmed, yet somehow you must fight on, even knowing that you will likely lose. In doing so, you can buy precious time for Odin and what remains of the forces of Asgard to stave off The Unmaking: the end of the universe.


In creating FS:R, we have made some subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the mythos of Ragnarök. This was done to ensure a fluid, accessible experience that still tells a tale of a heroic struggle against nigh impossible odds. Additionally, we have gone with a lighter, more colorful art style for the game. Third, there is a lot of interplay in the game between the various protagonists. This dialogue was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek and it does not require any response or add delays to your gameplay. It is supposed to be humorous, helpful at times, and provide some depth/immersion to the game.

In FS:R, you will be moving from objective to objective, constantly dealing with newly emerging threats to yourself and your allies. You will have portals to destroy, towers to defend, items to scavenge, and precious few moments to rest before more hordes of enemies are upon you. Completing these tasks and slaying thousands of enemies will be the measure of your success during a match. At the end of the scenario, this success will also be fed into a progression system that helps unlock Champion Mods to change the way your abilities function. As a PvE game, FS:R’s standard modes do not include Player vs. Player combat.


As a Buy-to-Play game we will have progression and our equivalent of a Season Pass system. You can expect to see the first Season Pass soon after launch. Our goal is to have a system that is fair to players and the hard work they put in to progress, instead of one that looks to maximize our profit. This means that you can expect lots of skins and cosmetics, no paid random loot boxes (can’t say this enough, right?), and no Pay-to-Win items.

Currently, progression is primarily centered around unlocking more Champion Mods for your characters. Champion Mods provide passive and active benefits, ranging from a damage boost to your attacks to changing how an ability works altogether. These Champion Mods are unlocked per character as you level that character through the progression system. Additionally, experience earned through a scenario will progress your Season Pass when that feature becomes available.


FS:R’s sky was inspired by fantasy art from the 80s that features star-filled darkness and burning pillowy clouds. The apocalypse that we present is a dark, bleak and gritty desaturated environment with a flare of exaggeration and selective motes of color. The existing maps draw their inspiration/design from Nordic-Viking like aesthetics with more than one whimsical note. The bleak nature of the map allows the characters and special props to stand out on their own.

Much like environmental props, characters are highlighted with more color and exuberance than their surroundings. Everything in this game pulls from a stylish, slightly cartoonish approach. Despite the theme of the game hinging on the battle for the end of everything, there are still quite a few comical additions from consumable items and in-game skins, now and in the future.

As we move through Early Access expect us to “spiff” up the world, add additional maps, scenarios, and environments.

While Ragnarök is indeed the end of the Nine Worlds, we are just at the beginning of our rendering of it!



Before we do a deep dive on the Champion of FS:R, please keep in mind that this game was designed to support either a controller or a keyboard and mouse.

Detection of the controller is automatic; all you need to do is have it plugged in and it will just work.

Each Champion’s function for attacks, movement, and additional buttons/commands are all the same, so what works on one will work with the others.



As you know, you will be taking on the role of one of the Einherjar. Your Champion will have a number of abilities, special abilities and items that will help you in your fight against Hel. Some Champion abilities are meant to combine nicely with those of other Champions while others are not. Some of the abilities your Champion can use will combo with other abilities from your allies, making even more powerful attacks when utilized at the right time.


We have eschewed typical archetypes for this game, so if you are looking for your basic Tank, Healer, etc. you will not find them here. The main reason for this decision was since this is a group-based game, we didn’t want our players to have to feel forced into a specific role in order to find success. While certain Champions’ abilities combo well with others, you will always feel like you have a choice to make in who you play in a given scenario.


A vital method to progressing in power during a given match is acquiring Runes. There are four types of Runes, each with their own purpose and icon in the game. Health Runes are represented by green crosses, Weapon Runes are represented by red hammers, and Shield Runes are represented by blue shields (go figure). The fourth Rune type, Heroic Runes, appear as intricately designed turquoise shields and are much rarer than their counterparts. It is worth noting that while all of these Runes can be picked up during a match for an immediate power increase, any and all Runes on the field of battle will be added to your total count at the end of an enemy wave or completion of an objective.


The first stat that matters is the “Divine Barrier,” which acts as a general purpose magical shield for your Champion. It is represented by a blue bar and it will absorb any damage heading your way. It can be both increased and replenished during the scenario by magical abilities and items. It will also slowly regenerate after not taking any damage for long enough. Once that bar goes to zero, any damage will be reflected in your health bar (below).


Picking up this Rune will grant Champions a permanent 8% increase to their Divine Barrier, in addition to immediately providing them with a small amount of shield recharge.


Like traditional RPGs, your health bar is an indication of how much health your character has left. When this goes to zero, you will be downed and need to be revived by your allies. There is no limit to how many times you can be revived, but if you are not revived in time you will die. At lower player counts in some modes, you will have additional lives that can be spent once dead in order to better balance the odds of a given match. When you run out of these lives, your ability to affect the outcome of the scenario you are in will end. Like the Divine Barrier, your total health can be increased and refreshed during a match. Unlike the Divine Barrier, you can repair damage to your health through healing pools and runestones found throughout maps.


Picking up this Rune will grant Champions a permanent 8% increase to their health in addition to immediately healing them for a small amount.


This pickup item is found where slain enemies once stood. Collect it to give yourself an immediate replenishment to your Health pool.


Mana is spent whenever you use any of your Champion’s abilities. Unlike the Divine Barrier and Health, your Mana can only be increased permanently by selecting certain Rune Mods in the Champion menu. However, it can be replenished via the yellow mana fountains, runestones, and certain items like apples and special pickups.


This pickup item is found where slain enemies once stood. Collect it to give yourself an immediate regeneration to your Mana stores.


Your damage stat increases the damage of all of your champions attacks and abilities. It can be permanently increased by collecting Damage Runes, allowing your champion to deal significantly more damage.


Picking up this Rune will grant Champions a permanent 8% increase to their damage.


In FS:R, you are able to fine tune your favorite character by acquiring Champion Mods. Champion Mods serve as a primary method of and reward for progression in the game. They alter how your character plays, from passively buffing them to entirely reworking how a specific ability works. Build your Champion around doing a specific type of damage, or hone their survivability to withstand any threat. Cause Aella’s arrows to pierce multiple enemies at a time, or get rid of Bjorn’s Divine Barrier entirely in order to greatly increase his damage potential. A full list of each Champion’s available Mods can be found in the section covering their story and playstyle.

New Champion Mods are unlocked through playing the game and leveling a Champion. Slaying enemies, completing in-match objectives, and finishing quests all contribute to your progress. As you level, you will unlock more options for each of the five tiers of Champion Mods that every character has. These choices are not locked behind a paywall of any kind and do not cost in-game currency – the only barrier to unlocking them is reaching the required level to use them.

There are a total of twenty five options spread over the five different tiers available for your chosen hero at this time. Some of these options are shared while others are totally unique. A Champion can have five total Champion Mods equipped at any given time, though these must be activated through earning Heroic Runes in a scenario.


Heroic Runes are acquired predominantly by completing objectives, though they can rarely be found in treasure chests. These Runes help to unlock your equipped Champion Mods, unleashing their potential and greatly increasing your power level.

She Who Calls the Fire

Aella is a dedicated ranged fighter who specializes in dealing Aoe damage to hordes of enemies as well as focused, high single target damage.

A phenomenal archer from an early age, Aella was placed through rigorous mental and physical trials to prove that she was worthy of her birthright as heir to the Amazonian throne. In the years that followed, wanderlust would claim Aella’s heart and see her journeying the world with her signature bow, Soulfire. Though fate would see her slain in a brutal fight against a band of slavers, not once did her tenacity or belief waver. Her soul still burned brightly, and does so now in the Nine Realms of the afterlife.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast



In FS:R, there are several objectives that are critical to protect during a scenario. These objectives not only add to your score at the end of a given match, but provide powerful benefits if they are defended. Currently, there are three major objectives to protect – healing pools, mana pools, and towers. If these objectives are not defended, they can be claimed by Hel and her undead hordes. Losing a mana pool might not mean ‘game over’, but it will mean that the enemy you’re facing becomes stronger and more numerous.

In addition to claiming your objectives, the enemy has objectives of their own to defend. These primarily take form in different varieties of portals that summon endless waves of units so long as they are left standing. Whether it be a plague, frost, or fire portal, it is paramount to your success that you destroy these portals as quickly as possible. 

It’s important to note that not all objectives are contained in every scenario. That would make things too easy – and nobody said Ragnarök was going to be easy, right?


The goddess Idunn has attempted to aid the Champions by blessing their battlefields with her restorative mana fountains.  

By standing near these objects, the Champions will recover mana. Just like the Fountain of Healing, if Hel captures these fountains she can use them to bolster her minions’ strength!


The soothing waters of the Hvergelmir hot springs bubble up at the beck and call of Odin so that the heroes might find rejuvenation on the field of battle. 

Merely being close to one of these objectives will heal your wounds. If Hel’s forces successfully capture these objectives, her minions will be infused with greater vigor.


These monstrous crystalline pillars radiate Hel’s necrotic energies, spewing forth vile denizens from her abyssal realm. These portals come in several varieties, from poison to fire or ice. These portals will not stop spawning enemies until they are destroyed, so make them a priority if you don’t want to be


Fire towers serve to anchor a team’s defense, providing support with area of effect attacks on nearby enemies and offering a powerful charged ability. These towers are often key objectives to defend, so avoid losing them at all costs.

After killing enough enemies to charge the Fire Tower, it can be used to trigger a powerful map-wide blast. This attack will kill lesser enemies outright and heavily damage stronger elites. Use it whenever your team needs a chance to breathe or recuperate from the onslaught. Be warned that the cost to power this attack increases every time it’s used, so choose your time wisely.


The Life tower supports your team when it is at its lowest, reviving all Champions on use and healing them for a large amount of health. When the fight isn’t going your way and your allies are waiting for you to revive them, utilize the Life Tower to provide a much needed boost to your efforts.

The Life tower shares a charge and a cooldown with the Fire tower, meaning that if you use the Life Tower’s special ability, you will increase the cost of the next ability used by it and the Fire tower both.

Scoring System

Your score in FS:R is determined by tallying a combination of individual player points that factor in multiple ways and team points that are currently static to the scenario.Both the player and the team points are earned by completing and aiding objectives within the scenario. The number of points earned in a given round is also determined by the number of trophies earned – these trophies are displayed at the end of the match, and will show how you earned them.



Each kill gives a player points based on the enemy unit killed. Mindless Dead give the least amount of points per kill, followed by Forsaken Warriors and Skeletons, while elites such as Lost Souls and Bone Reapers give the most.


Achieving a killstreak gives points the first time a player reaches a specific threshold (100 kills, 200 kills, 500 kills, and so on). Each killstreak can only be earned once and each subsequent killstreak rewards more points.


Dealing damage to an enemy that is then killed by your ally still rewards you with partial credit for the kill – so don’t try to hog all the glory!

Damage Done

Points are awarded each time the player deals a set amount of damage, including from items like bombs found in the game world.

Revives Performed

Every time you revive a fellow player, you earn points. Keeping your allies in the fight is vital to not only your score, but your success in a given scenario!

Combos Performed

Whenever you combine one of your abilities with an ally’s to create a more powerful effect, you are awarded points.


Defending a Tower  

Team points are rewarded for defending towers in a given scenario – the more remaining health a tower has at the end of a scenario, the higher your score.

Defending a Pool

Team points are rewarded for each mana/health pool that is successfully defended in a given scenario. As with towers, the more health of a given pool that remains is factored into your score.

Objectives Completed

While not entirely distinct from defending a tower or pool, other objectives (such as waves where you must kill a certain number of enemies) also contribute to your overall score.


At the end of the scenario if the team was victorious, a multiplier is applied to the players’ scores.



Across the battlefields of FS:R you will see many chests, especially close by objectives and near major structures. By smashing these boxes open, you can find consumables, bombs, trinkets, traps, and barricades to add to your inventory and utilize in battle.


Idunn has once again graced the battlefield with her restoration abilities in the form of this apple. 

This golden fruit will give you the boost you need and fill your Mana bar!


Ever feel that having a berserker’s rage on hand might be a boon?

Look no further than this concoction! By drinking this down you’ll enhance your attacks and damage potential for its duration!


Forged from the same stone as the hot springs, these stones are infused with healing powers.

By dropping one of these on the ground, the runestone will periodically restore a small amount of health to Champions nearby. This AoE (Area of Effect) spell’s range will be outlined by a green glow.


Carved with dragon runes from ancient times, these sturdy stone barricades are meant to withstand the waves of Hel’s undead.

This barricade deals no damage to enemies, but remains a staunch obstacle when placed properly.


The toxic stench emanating from this trap is enough to give anyone pause. This trap will burst into a cloud of poison when triggered, dealing damage over time to any enemy that enters the cloud for several seconds.


The sickness this weapon inflicts tugs at the very soul. A throwable bomb which weakens the attack strength of any enemies within its radius.


If you can freeze them, you can shatter them.

This throwable block of ice deals significant damage while slowing and freezing nearby enemies.


Charm and guile are the tools of Freya, so it’s no wonder that her precious cat bomb has the same qualities. Toss this explosive statuette out on the field to distract undead with its glitz and glamor – enemies will be attracted to wherever it lands.


Within this beating chamber resides the primordial fires of a dragon. Toss this bomb to deal instant damage and set nearby enemies on fire.


Need a pick-me-up on the battlefield?

This brew is the jolt you’ll need to get you where you need to go. It offers a brief kick of movement speed equivalent to your sprint.


This sandwich is a meat-lover’s dream. 

Packed with protein, this heals your Champion upon consuming it.


A spitting image of the fabled hog of Freyr, Gullinbursti.

These spiked barricades help defend precious objectives against the Hordes of Hel, damaging any enemies foolish enough to get too close.


Be careful how you place it, or we’ll be picking up pieces of you. An explosive trap that triggers when enemies move over it.


Perfectly captivating – in both its beauty and its purpose. This half of a geode has been infused with the light of the Bifrost and, once placed on the ground and activated, will encapsulate Hel’s Minions for a small period of time.


Sometimes you just need to take those speedy Helizens down a few notches.  Hurl one of these bombs at oncoming attackers to slow them for a short time.


Sometimes life gives you lemons – other times, fire-compressed skulls of the opposing faction. 

Lob these leftover skulls to deal a large amount of explosive damage.


In a pinch sometimes a frog is all you’ll have. These frogs have been corked to seal their noxious might.

Use this throwable bomb to poison all nearby enemies for significant damage overtime.




As we stated at the beginning of this document, FS:R is still in Early Access, but we wanted to let you know some of the things that are coming in the near future. Currently, we have a year of planned content for FS:R with more to come.


While the Towers of Vigrith and the Arena both provide fitting challenges with hours of replayability, we are actively working on more scenarios for players to experience. Currently, our plan is to release a new scenario for the first major update after launch. This is scheduled to come in early 2024 and will take place in a totally new environment. If you’d like a hint, you’ll have to dig for it!


The five heroes currently in FS:R are doing a wonderful job holding back Hel’s armies, but they could always use more reinforcements. Fret not, for further Champions are being developed that will help turn the tide of battle with new playstyles, abilities, and aesthetics.


The current roster of foes you’ll face is a veritable horde of undeath, running the gambit from mindless foot soldiers to towering giants. Alas, that’s not all Hel has up her sleeve. You can expect to see more unique boss fights with diverse mechanics and stages to defeating them, as well as the requisite minions to foil your heroic efforts.


Shortly after entering Early Access, we expect to release FS:R’s very first Season Pass. This will function as a method to earn additional experience, cosmetic items, character skins, and more. While this is a paid Season Pass, it does not and will never include a loot crate or ‘gambling’ style mechanic. Progression in the Season Pass will be earned by simply playing the game and utilizing the Questing system to achieve specific goals in a given match or set of matches.


While we currently feature two scenarios balanced around 8 players, our engine has been built such that we could support hundreds or even thousands of players at once in the same scenario. Going forward, you can expect plenty of experimentation with different player counts large and small in different modes.



Alex Arnot – Co-Lead Designer

Andrew Davies – QA Tester

Anna Luu – Director of HR

Anthony Sermania – Engineer

Arman Jornoush – Character Artist

Brady Jessup – Junior Client Engineer

Brian Ward – Senior OPS/QA/CM

Bull Durham – Senior Tools Engineer

Chris Douglas – Senior 3D Environment Artist

Christina Carr – Lead Gameplay Engineer

Colin Sipherd – Senior Networking Engineer

David Szilagyi – Concept Artist 

Derek Glissman-Thomas – Level Designer

Drew Beck – Internal Systems Administrator

Eben Schumacher – Concept Artist

Elizabeth Lowry – Tools Engineer

Evan Norton – Junior UI Engineer

Evan Wang – 3D Artist

George Davison – Technical Director

Ian Schmidt – Junior UI Engineer

James Koo – Lead UI Artist

James Sweazea – Junior Engineer

Jane Morgan – Associate Producer

Jason Ely – Senior Server Engineer

Jeff Maisonneuve – Animator/Rigger

Jesse Dilts – Senior UI Engineer

Joe Janca – Lead Animator

Jon Young – Lead Modeler

Just A. Bear – Game Director

Kaitlyn Burkhart – Associate Producer

Karl Patrick – Senior Server Engineer

Ken Webster – Lead Audio Designer/Producer

Lou Andreev – Rendering Architect 

Mark Jacobs – CEO/Creative Director

Michael Naumov – Gameplay Engineer

Michelle Davies – Art Director/Lead Concept Artist

Mike Barr – Senior Producer

Mike Crossmire – Senior VFX Artist

Mike Dickheiser – Senior Engineer

Nathan Huft – 3D Prop Artist

Rob Argue – Senior Server Engineer

Robert Baltzer – Environment Artist

Sandra Pavulaan – Animator

Scott Trolan – Animator

Sean Siemens – Senior Server Engineer

Ted Bigham – Senior Engineer

Tim Mills – Lead DevOps/Senior Engineer

Travis Parsley – Community Manager

Tuan Bui – Senior Tools Engineer

Walt Rieker – QA Tester

Wen Lin – Concept Artist

Will Blankenship – Senior Tools Engineer

Wylie Rea – Client Engineer


Andrew Jackson – Frontend UI Engineer   

Andrew Meggs – CTO/Lead Software Architect

Andrew Phelan – Modeler  

Arne Michaelsen – Engineer 

Ash Kain – Producer   

Ben Pielstick – Co-Lead Designer   

Brad Hallisey – Senior Engineer

Brys Sepulveda – Senior Server Engineer   

Caleb Fisher – Gameplay Engineer

Charles Ribemont – Senior Web Administrator

Charlotte Racioppo – Associate Producer

Cheyne Anderson – Client and Pipeline Engineer

Christopher Junior – Designer

Cory Demerau – Junior Engineer

Daniel Beck – Lead Audio Designer/Producer

Daniel Murker – Senior Engineer

David Hancock – Engineer 

Dionne Phua – Artist  

Elvin Hernandez – Illustrator   

Gabe Ortega – Engineer

James Brown – Senior UI/Web Engineer   

Jon Farinelli – Producer 

Joseph Burrage – Modeler/Material Artist 

Judd Cohen – Gameplay Engineer

Kara Stover – Jr. Creative Director

Lee Wilson – Senior Engineer  

Marc Hernandez – Senior Server Engineer

Mark Chae – Server Ops Engineer

Matt Fleming – Designer   

Matt Meehan – Senior Engineer   

Matthew Lauritzen – Senior Gameplay Engineer

Max Porter – Co-writer/Editor   

Michael Jacobs – Lead QA Tester

Mike Waver – Modeler

Ryan Alemania – Senior Designer

Samantha Ng – Producer

Scout Rigney – Artist   

Sierra Boyette – Modeler   

Terry Coleman – Senior Producer

Tina Fulton – Concept Artist

Tyler Rockwell – Environmental Artist/Content Manager


Apollon (Lord of Translations & Discord Denoiser)






Joe Zimmerman

Matthew Shannon


Player <Faelords>





Treville (Master Builder, Destroyer of the Norse, Lord of All Cubes, Annihilator of Arthurians, Giver of Names!)



zhewMatt “Nomos” Lust


Rachel –Anthony S.

Brittany, Mom & Dad, for all your love and support –Brady J.

Julia, Reyes, Devin –Brian W

Ali, Fletcher, Maris, and Mark –Charles “Bull” D.

Helen, Dad & Mom, Franco & Lesley, Chris, Emily & Paul, and Tuna and Minnow –Dave S.

My Wife, Lizzy, and our Crimelord of a Cat, Gimble –Drew B.

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Emilia for her love and support, and Wyrm for all the fuzz –Jane M.

Beth, Titus and Ayana –Jeff M.

Goaty McGoatface (in memoriam) –Jesse D.

Jenny, Elsa, Megan, and Daisy –Karl P.

Noelle and Mom, for your tremendous support all these years! –Ken W.

Ami, Paula, Elyse, Sups, thank you for everything! –Lou A.

Michael, Kobe, Sydney – for your playtesting, feedback, and endless ideas! –Mike D.

Mama & Tato –Mike N.

Stella, Mom & Dad –Nathan H.

Taylor, Nolan, and Teddard –Rob A.

Lizzy, Addie, and Pat –Scott T.

Katharine, Ma & Pa, JP, Dillon, Gregory, Katie, Xan, and the Womacks –Travis P.

My parents, Selena –Wen L.

Ayaka, Momo, Lily, Sue & Jeff, Kyoko & Yuji Shibayama, and Riku; for all your love and support over the years! –Will B.




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And a thank you to all of our investors, big and small, who have believed in us over the years!

And, last but certainly not least, an enormous thank you to all of our amazing people (and those that supported them) who, because of their hard work, dedication, and effort, made Unchained Entertainment possible.  Whether they are still with Unchained or not, I thank them all for their contributions and I wish them nothing but the best now and in the future!!!